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Small Business Services

The attorneys at Smith & Liss, LLC have a long tradition of representing emerging and high-growth companies. We have represented hundreds of technology-based and high-growth businesses in various fields (information technology, telecom, restaurant and hospitality, healthcare, retail, finance, communications, insurance, manufacturing, construction and media) with all aspects of their formation and development. For example, we routinely:

  • Review client business plans and meet with founding teams to assist them in identifying their key strengths and weaknesses before approaching financing sources and other potential founders;

  • Help clients identify appropriate financing sources and assist with introductions to those sources;

  • Help clients with employment agreements, restrictive covenants, stock option plans, and corporate formation in light of their business models, organizational needs and strategic direction;

  • Assist clients in all business challenges including, licensing, litigation and acquisitions;  

  • Attend board meetings and offer strategic advice and assistance in forming and maintaining an effective board of directors during a company's initial phases

Our attorneys combine corporate, finance, securities, compensation and benefits, intellectual property and litigation expertise with a practical understanding of an emerging company’s business needs. We are experts in structuring, negotiating and documenting significant strategic alliances, joint ventures and other agreements with potential partners, vendors and customers, as well as traditional mergers and acquisitions. And they are especially skilled in advising clients on financing strategies and in managing and implementing virtually any type of financing transaction—from venture capital and mezzanine private placements; to initial and follow-on public offerings.

Our team-oriented service approach offers our clients the flexibility to call on attorneys who are familiar with their products, technology and business models and who understand the tactical decisions made by executive management. In fact, we frequently complement a client’s management team by serving as virtual general counsel, acting as a senior member of the team and participating in board-level discussions.

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